Theraiyar Kaappiyam
Eating pepper following the rules of Karpa will do immense good. Take
purified pepper. Start eating one pepper on the first day, 2 peppers on the
second day and increasing one number each day for 7 days. Then start
decreasing one by one till reaches one. Then start increasing again and
so on for 48 days.  This will give good complexion and strength to the
body and will also increase appetite. Take 4 grams of pepper powder and
smear with ghee and eat. This will cure coarseness in the throat and will
improve voice. Take a pinch of pepper powder along with sugar. This will
induce hunger and will also cure diseases due to deranged bile humor.
Drinking water boiled with few pepper will neutralize all the three humors
and guard against many diseases.
Note: Purification of pepper is done in the following way: Take enough
pepper and put them all in sour butter-milk. Soak for a minimum of 6
hours. Then dry them under hot sun and after drying use for
Mix a pinch of long pepper powder (piper longum) with honey and eat for
30 days. This will change coloration of the skin known as “thaemal” in
Tamil. Will also remove pain in the body arising due to deranged three
Take one or two garlic pearls; a pinch or two of pepper powder and a
handful of the leaves of Widelia chinensis. Grind them together and eat
along with warm water on an empty stomach. This will cure bloating of the
stomach; difficult breathing due to wind humor and swelling in the body.
Mix a pinch of Acorus calamus powder with honey and eat early in the
morning every day. This will cure stammering in the course of time.
Dissolve one tea-spoon of sea salt in  100 milliliters of warm water and
drink. This will remove constipation and also pain in the body. [Note:
People with high blood pressure  should use only after consulting the
Siddha doctor]
Extract the juice from the leaves of Plectranthus amboinicus. Mix one tea
spoon of the juice with same amount of warm water and give. This will cure
many diseases that may attach children like cough, flem in the throat, tonsil
and zymotic diseases.
Mix equal amiunts of the powder extract of Tinospora cardifolia stem and
sugar. Eat a pinch of this powder every day. This will cure many diseases
like venereal disease, burning sensation in the body due to syphilis,
tuberculosis related fever that are all causing pain like fire.
[The powder of Tinospora cardifolia is known as “seenthil chakkarai” in
Siddha medicine. The process of making the powder can be seen in
author’s book: Herbs of Siddha Medicine, Vol.1, pp.184]