Theraiyar Kaappiyam
"koNdaiyaam ilanthayaik koLLaleth thiRaththinum
maNdiya nOyelaam maaynthupOm uNmaiyE"
Eating of the fruit in a modest way will cure many diseases like vomiting,
excessive bile and wind humor, pain etc.
"seethaiyai naaL thORum cheereNa uNdidak
kaathaichEr nOyelaang kaatham OdidumE"
Eating the green Alternanthera sessilis daily during summer will cure
many diseases of the eyes. The body will get golden complexion. It is
advised the greens should not be eaten along with Tamerindua indica.
Eating along with cow’s butter will give more and intended benefits.
The Tamil name for the green is coined by three words (pon + aam +
kaan nee). Literally it is (gold+becomes+ see yourself). That is, the body
will shine like gold which one can see onself.
"kichchiliyin kani kENmaiyaay uNdidap
pichchdar nOyelaam pEyena OdumE
ammarap pinchinil ooRu kaayuNak
kammenum pOchanak kaththoori enparE"
Eating the riped Citrus aurantium fruit will neutralize all diseases
arising due to deranged bile humor and will cool the body. Making
pickle of its tender fruit and eating daily along with food will  remove
vomiting sensation, indigestion, tastelessness. It will also increase
"maathuLaik kaniyuNa mathana kaamEchurach
choothena vaayuLar cholluvar mikavE"
Eating the flower, fruit and the seeds of Punica granatum will increase
semen quality and quantity in men.
"thoothuvaLaiyai yuNath thokkiniR thokkiya
vEthaiyaa nOyela meyvittu OdumE"
Eating the green known as Solanum trilobatum as part of food or
otherwise will cure many diseases arising due to excess flem humor
like loss of hearing, bronchiol asthma, wheezing and poor disgestive
power etc. It will increase semen in the body If diet and other
restrictions are followed strictly it will give strength and rejuvenate the
"sathaapalak kani,kaay samoolamum uNNavE
nithaanamaayp payiththiya ninthai nOy akalumE"
Using the leaves, unriped and riped fruit of lemon will reduce bile
humor and near madness arising due to excessive bile humor.