Whooping cough has become a threatening disease in USA. Already several children died of
whooping cough in Calfornia state. The siddha medicinal system developed medicines very
effective in curing whooping cough. Many of them are already mentioned in my book on HERBS
OF SIDDHA MEDICINES-THE FIRST 3D BOOK ON HERBS. These are reproduced here for your

1. Nutmeg oil: Nutmeg, Mace and Fenugreek seeds ("vendhayam" in Tamil) are taken in equal
amounts and pulverised with Aloe Vera juice. The paste thus obtained is mixed with cow's milk,
breast milk and sesame oil taken in equal proportion and boil to dehydration. Filter and keep the
oil in an air-tight bottle. This is known as nutmeg oil. Giving 5 milliliters twice-a-day will cure  
whooping cough.

2. Remove the skin of the seeds of Pongamia Pinnata ("pungu" in Tamil). Pulverise the seeds to a
fine powder form. Eating half-a-gram of the powder along with honey will cure whooping cough.

3. Dry and grind the leaves of Tylophora indica ("nanjaruppan" in Tamil) to a nice powder form.
Give 150 milligram of the powder with honey. This will cure whooping cough.

All the above are to taken till satisfaction.

If the medicines could not be prepared at home, there is a ready-made medicine available. It is
known as "kakkuvaan marunthu". [kakkuvaan in Tamil means whooping in English]. Giving half to
1 gram of the "paRpam" will cure whooping cough.

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